“Hello Elizabeth, here is my statement. The IES has been very helpful to me. I have less leakage during the day and only wear a pad just in case I leak. At night I am able to get up to go to the bathroom whereas before I was incontinent during the night. Elizabeth is probably the best person for helping with incontinence. She has helped me deal with a severe problem. I only wish I would have found out about it sooner."
"Let me first say, finding Elizabeth Makous was exactly what I needed. She is extremely knowledgeable and approached my pelvic floor issues in a respectful and humanistic way. I was very much in dark about my condition. After my first appointment with Elizabeth, she informed me that some of my tissues were atrophied and that there was some nerve damage and severe muscle weakness - which was amazing information since my own OB/GYN who sees me every 6 months never mentioned it. Elizabeth then recommended I start using electrical stimulation to help revive the tissues and to get the blood flow and muscle strength back. I was a bit apprehensive since I had never use this type of device. She patiently showed me how to use the device and advised me on her method which would allow me to get the best results. I started using the stim every night according to her protocol. She also took time to help find the best position to lie in (due to my denervated tissues) so that I could get the best results. Within a month or so, my tissues and nerves were responding. I continued using the stim and her method every night. I no longer need to adjust my position lying down and contractions are fairly even and my kegels are getting stronger. My severe prolapse is no longer severe and I don’t even feel it until the very end of the day and when I strain. If in the future I decided to have surgery, Elizabeth's method has put my pelvic floor in optimal condition which will result in a better surgical outcome and healing. I would highly recommend her method."
“The stim and release method really worked for me. It was easy to use, not painful, and the medical attention that I received in using it was top notch. As I got older I had worried that I might need surgery someday, and this solved the problem not only for today but also for the long term. The best part about it was the fact that I can maintain the treatment at home, whenever I feel that my muscles are getting weaker or looser. It took a little getting used to, and it was a bit embarrassing as it's such a personal thing, but my PT was so professional and put me at ease. It was well worth being a little uncomfortable...I wish my mother and grandmother had the benefit of this technology, and I tell every woman I know about it because it's a great solution to a common problem. “
“I really love the Makous Method because it is easy to follow for patients and all the tools needed are very affordable, both of which lead to higher compliance and higher success! Also as it can be done at home, it helps patients take control of their own rehabilitation. As the patients coming in for pelvic floor therapy are often dealing with very sensitive issues not often discussed in public, being able to do this at home in conjunction to pelvic floor physical therapy can be very empowering. An example is patients with fecal incontinence - I have seen patients go from having to constantly worry about an embarrassing situation to feeling more confident in public with use of the Makous Method. I also use it with patients with pelvic organ prolapse and in some cases have seen them avoid surgery after following this protocol. It has worked wonders in patients post-prostatectomy who often have never been told how to use their pelvic floor muscles - these patients are often extremely motivated to get back to PLOF and very compliant, and we have seen great results! I wish I had known about the Makous Method a lot sooner!”
“My name is Denice. I have been dealing with a uterine prolapse for over 20 years. The traditional protocol for a prolapse is to have physical therapy, which usually means lots of kegels and low impact exercises to help strengthen the pelvic area. However physical therapy is just not enough. This year I was lucky to find a wonderful physical therapist named Elizabeth Makous, who knew that the traditional protocol for physical therapy would not be enough. Her particular protocol for a prolapse or bladder incontinence is to use a little machine a purchased on line. It’s easy to use and it strengthened my pelvic floor immediately. Thank you Elizabeth for helping me get back my quality of life. “
"In my experience using the Makous Protocol of stem treatments (for severe fecal incontinence) has been an amazing experience. The treatments are convenient and effective. Learning and using this protocol is very empowering. What doctors have not done I can now do for myself. The protocol enables me to take control of my own health and healing. Elizabeth Makous’ mission has and is for helping her patients to help themselves. She has and always will be diligently dedicated to this method of helping and healing those in need. Try it! You’ll be glad you did!"
"Finding Elizabeth and her treatments has been a blessing to me. My night time incontinence is almost gone. Minimum leakage during the day. The EMS or internal stem keeps me toned. She is a friend forever. Wouldn’t see anyone else!"
"I have spent many years suffering from mild to moderate pelvic organ prolapse. Luckily I found Elizabeth before I went through with my scheduled prolapse surgery. Elizabeth went right to the source of the problem where I had nerve damage from childbirth that had made me loose nerve function to my pelvic floor and I was able to gain function of the atrophied muscles with the internal stimulation she recommend. Her confidence about being able to control my bladder, rectal and uterine prolapses without surgery immediately brought me a sense of relief. She took the time to thoroughly teach me the protocol so that I would be able to be in charge of my healing and the maintenance of this condition. To learn that I could control prolapse without surgery was one of the happiest days of my life! It has proven to be true! After 3 years since I received my training and the TENS unit and the exercises, I am still able to keep it under control. I am rarely in pain or discomfort for it as I was before I saw her. I wish the news of this would spread everywhere so more women could experience the hope and healing that I have. And I wish we could clone Elizabeth! "
"I have known Elizabeth for years. She is very professional and knows her stuff. I started using the IES about a year ago. I already had a hysterectomy for uterine prolapse and found my pelvic floor was extremely weak and was suffering from occasional urinary incontinence. I have to say my pelvic floor is firming up and incontinence almost non existent. This takes patience and time but it works! I like that I can take control over my own health and healing. Thanks Elizabeth!"
I just wanted to say how eternally grateful I am for Elizabeth getting me on her internal electrical stimulation protocol a couple of years ago. When I came to Elizabeth I was having a severe Multiple Sclerosis flare causing extreme weakness in my legs and arms but the most distressing problem was loss of all bowel and bladder control. I couldn’t really do any exercises but Elizabeth convinced me to try vaginal internal electrical stimulation. I was able to do this despite my inability to do much with my arms and legs at the time. After about two weeks of doing the internal stimulation the way Elizabeth taught me I really noticed a difference in my ability to control my bowels. In two more weeks I had almost complete control of my bowels and bladder! It was life changing! I eventually was able to get my body out of the MS flare with the help of Accupuncture and a new infusion medication. But, to this day I continue to use my internal stim a couple of times a week because I never want to loose control of my bowel and bladder again!!!!
"I was 59 and got a 2 1/2 inch tumor on my rectum in November if 2018 needing radiation and chemo therapy medicine (reducing tumor) and eventually 2 surgeries starting July of 2019. The first surgery took the whole rectum leaving only the colon to relearn how to eliminate. Apparently, between the radiation and the surgery muscle spasms surged inside and ruined the whole bowel area making me completely incontinent. I was either in a Depends to prevent a mess or on the toilet ALL the time.

I experienced constant pain from bloody splits that occurred from acid of stool on the anus area. Neither the surgeon, her team of nurses nor the hospital team suggested any therapy or after care telling me this could last 2 years or for life! All I could think was no way was this active,sporty, motorcycle and boating fiend going to take this lying down or standing up...…..

Finally, 3 months after my last surgery the radiation doctor introduced me to a Pelvic Floor Exercise Therapist named Elizabeth Makous. Within 2 weeks her conscientious instinct for knowing people's bodies got me on my way to being able to somewhat stop the ALL DAY toilet sitting and learn how to control when to go. In the next 2 weeks she sent me home with devices that enabled me to continue therapy at home. Her protocol is unique to the individual situations by using myofascial release, manual massage therapy to release abdominal scars from ileostomy reversal and the rectal scars and break up spasms. That helped relieve the pain a lot. I think the thing that really helped me turn the corner in terms of controlling my bowels was the internal rectal electrical impulse stim that I started doing every day. Then I was able to stop sitting on the toilet all day by releasing my own internal rectal spasm with Therawand’s Trigger Wand device. After only 4 weeks of consistent PT and 2 and half weeks of daily home electrical stimulation and a week or so of using the trigger wand I am out of the adult diaper most of the time and I am getting my life back!!!!

If you are a cancer doctor, surgeon, gastroenterologist, radiation doctor, technician, nurse or PT PLEASE take the class Elizabeth teaches and you will love being more efficient in easing your patients predicaments and SUFFERING! Love her!!!"
"I have been a pelvic floor physical therapist for 7 years now and prior to getting to know the Makous protocol, I felt very limited in my ability to treat patients with severe pelvic organ prolapses. No matter how many kegels, Pilates sessions, pelvic girdle strengthening exercises and postural re-education, it just seemed like my patient’s POP symptoms still persisted to a certain extent. That’s until I started using NMES with the Makous protocol. It was amazing to see in many of my patients that their POP positioning would improve with one or two weeks of consistent NMES use with the Makous protocol and how many of them would be able to return back to their regular workout routine (including running!). Another population that has greatly benefited from this great program are my post-prostatectomy patients that are often devastated to have severe urinary leakage symptoms. After weeks of NMES use, they were able to get out of wearing embarrassing diapers and minimized or eliminated urinary leakage symptoms. I genuinely feel that every pelvic floor physical therapist should have this valuable tool in their skillset."
"I’m a pelvic floor physical therapist who was looking for a supplemental treatment to help my patients with urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse progress faster. A combination of pelvic floor PT treatment, to include exercise, was working but it was slow, and at times my patients would progress to about 80-95% improvement over six to eight weeks. With The Makous Protocol, these patients are improving within two to four weeks. I highly recommend The Makous Protocol for pelvic floor PTs. It’s like a fast forward button for strengthening the pelvic floor and for decreasing symptoms of incontinence and prolapse."
"Elizabeth is really knowledgeable and her course is extremely thorough by using evidence-based with profound expert experience from basic anatomy to IES application. With Makous Method, patients are able to do their exercises at home, which leads to higher compliance, better outcome, and higher success! This course not only gives more tools and knowledge when treating patients with pelvic health dysfunction but also provides me the confidence to build great rapport with very sensitive pelvic health patients. As a new grad Physical Therapist, I felt very limited in my treatment with patients, but I learned a lot from this course. Thus, I highly recommend my pelvic health colleagues to take Elizabeth’s course!"
"I’m so blessed to have finally found Elizabeth. After discovering I had pelvic floor prolapse after a hysterectomy, I was confused and frustrated. My gynecologist had suggested that I have pelvic floor therapy but he was specific about what kind. He wanted me to have internal therapy and we couldn’t find anyone in my area that accepted insurance and provided the type of therapy. After going to another therapist who basically just told me to do 100 kegels a day and charged me $150 cash per 30 min session (didn’t accept insurance) just to “teach” me how to do kegels properly, my doctor found Elizabeth at Henry Mayo PT. Immediately I felt like I was finally going to get the help I needed. She is very friendly and knowledgeable and treated me like a real person. You can tell she really cares and is a genuinely nice person. In addition, the internal stem has helped me tremendously. My sex life has improved as a result. Also, during our sessions she is very thorough and takes her time to make sure she’s doing everything for you that she can to improve your situation. She even discovered another problem that I had that my gynecologist who I’ve seen for many years had overlooked. For anyone who has pelvic floor prolapse, a week pelvic floor, or even if you just want to improve your sex life because the sensation isn’t the same as it was before just go to Elizabeth Makous, the pelvicwhisperer! I feel so blessed to have found her and you will be too!"
"After 8 failed trans vaginal surgeries over a 20 year period I am finally LEAK & PAIN FREE. This is thanks to a referral to Henry Mayo’s Physical Therapy under the expert treatment by Elizabeth Makous. The treatment received has been miraculous. I learned internal and traditional exercises and am using the stim she recommended. I went from using it every day to twice a week and have no more bladder issues. I am beyond blessed by her and her therapy. I can’t say enough praises about her. It has genuinely been life changing. I went from having monthly UTIs and leakage after every time using the restroom and at night to being completely dry and haven’t had a UTI in 4 months. That’s the best, especially after decades of regular infections and having to wear pads. Forever Grateful!"
"I am a PT of 38 years, with much experience successfully using electrotherapy and getting excellent results with most incontinence and prolapse patients. Unfortunately, about 10% of my population were frustrated by either slow improvement or a plateau in progress.

In 2020, I took Elizabeth’s course and incorporated The Makous Protocol into treatment for my difficult cases. The results were swift and measurable! The patients who embraced The Makous Protocol as a home program, with a home stimulation device, were able to reach their goals in 4-6 weeks drastically improving their Quality of Life!

Elizabeth took the science we learned in school, integrated it with much sound research, and synthesized an ‘outside the box’ protocol that WORKS! I am forever grateful!!"
Angela Treadway, DPT, BCB-PMD, PRPC, ACN

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